Boost Your Car’s Performance: Common Parts for a San Diego Engine Tune Up

San Diego area Car repair shops . . .

can be costly with simple routine maintenance. You can save your money by doing a simple engine tune up yourself at home; you just need to know what parts require regular replacement when your car starts acting sluggish.

What Needs Tuning Up – Your Engine

When working on your engine keep an eye on your air filter, distributor cap and your spark plugs as these are the most common parts that need to be san diego engine tune up neededreplaced.

A dirty filter can cause problems with your air conditioning system, which puts strain on your engine. Removing a dirty air filter for a clean one works to keep your engine safe from debris that gets underneath the hood, which in turn improves your engines overall performance. You should check your air filter every time your engine starts to act sluggish or your cabin begins to smell a little off, as these are the usual signs that the filter needs replacing. Always look at the air filter when doing your own maintenance, as they tend need replacing first.

Like everything else in a vehicle, your spark plugs can also go bad. Replacing the spark plugs is the foundation of engine tune up in San Diego. The key dirty engine spark plugs need replacingsigns of a bad spark plug are sometimes easy to miss and often put off as other potential problems. Sometimes the same symptoms can be mistaken for needing an oil change, your battery needing to be replaced or having suffered a round of bad gasoline. When your engine begins to sound rough, instead of taking it to a auto repair shop in the greater San Diego area try a simple engine tune up instead. Check your spark plugs! Bad spark plugs can drain your car battery faster and cause your car to stutter or have problems starting. Spark plugs are integral in keeping your engine going, so if you suspect that they’re bad, replace them. It’ll help keep your car running at peak performance and preserve your battery’s life.

Lastly, one of the most important parts of your engine is the distributor cap. The distributor cap is what helps with your engines ignition sequence, and a bad distributor cap can have far reaching consequences. A bad cap is easy to spot; if your engine is stalling, or when you start your car and it makes a high pitched, unusual whine, that’s the cap. Even when you check the cap and doesn’t look outwardly damaged its underside can be clogged up, which can reduce the performance of the car. It’s better to be safe and replace the cap if you even suspect that there’s damage. Even if the cap is not the problem it’s better to be safe in regards to your engine.

In the end if you need to take your vehicle in to a shop they normally offer a full engine tune up service.  Most San Diego service centers can handle this.  Some of the top ones include at 1263 State St., San Diego, CA or you can call them at 858-483-4130.

Getting to Know A Little More About Rally Car Racing

Tips on Rally Car Racing

Rally car racing refers to an auto racing that takes place on both private and public roads. The autos are specially built and made to run on all types of racing roads. The motorsport does not run on circuits but on a point to point format in which the drivers operate within a set of control points. There could be one or more start points that allow cars to start at the same time or start at a regular interval and compete with time.  A winner can be determined by looking at the time he took to complete the race or could be determined by driving to a pre-determined time within the stages. Endurance, skills, and judgment are key to rally car racing.

Rally-car-racing-1Rallying is an old sport that can be traced back to 1894 Paris-Rouen Horseless competition. The event attracted a sizeable number of fans. It also attracted entries from leading manufacturers and prices were awarded to the winning vehicle by the jury.  As manufacturers designed cars with more capability, the speed of the cars increased and outstripped the safe limits. They injured spectators, drivers, and animals.

Many early rallies were mere trials. Rallying has become a popular sport with rally car racing introducing new aspects that were not available in the old races. It has attracted individuals, clubs and manufacturers. Club rallies run on public roads and places more emphases on teamwork and navigation skills. The modern rallying takes place on all surfaces that include gravel, asphalt, ice and even snow.  The rallies can also be run even in varying climates ranging from monsoon rain to bitter cold. Rally car racing can be organized on rally courses covering as little as 50km and timed.

rally-car-racing-2World championship drivers may be allowed to run on stages of the course before competing against each other. This is called reconnaissance, and the co-driver calls out the turns and writes down the road conditions. The pace notes are read aloud to the drivers so as to allow them to anticipate the upcoming terrains and make the necessary adjustments.

Special rallies provide organized route notes thus disallowing use of pace notes. The notes are normally prepared and created using predetermined pace note formats from which the co-drivers have an option of adding comments.  The past, rally courses supplied maps to the drivers. The exact routes for the race remained a top secret until the last day. However, modern rally car racing have defined routes and supply organized notes that allow reconnaissance thus drivers no longer have to race blindly.

The 21st century has led to an emergence of new trends where older cars compete against each other following the old rules. This is what defines rally car racing in which dirty road, E-brake turns and rally-car-racing-3skidding that defy all logic that attempts to keep the car in good shape and moving. Most cars race against the clock on closed sections of real roads. The roads are usually unpaved and create difficult and unforgiving conditions to the drivers. The events can be organized to last for several days and may cover hundreds of miles in difficult conditions such as snow and rains .They are meant to test the skills, the speed and the endurance of the drivers.

AG Autosports Dyno Day

AG Autosports Dyno Day
Sunday, May 24th we were at AG Autosports grand opening dyno day hosted by fellow YouTube channel Boost Films South Florida. OVER 400 CARS IN ATTENDANCE! We saw tons of high horsepower cars, and met a lot of cool car enthusiast. Here is some footage we got from this day filled with food, music, giveaways and of course…. CARS! Looking forward to part 2 of this huge event.

AG Autosports:
5438 NW 10th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Phone: 954-478-1577 or 754-200-6354


Monday- Saturday: 10:00am 6:00pm

Sunday: Closed

IG: @agautosports
YouTube: AG Autosports

Boost Films South Florida:
IG: @boostfilmssouthflorida

Knife Party – Begin Again (Crankdat Trap Flip)

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2015 Ford Mustang Rocket by Galpin Auto Sports & Henrik Fisker-Exterior Walkaround-2014 LA Auto Show

2015 Ford Mustang Rocket by Galpin Auto Sports & Henrik Fisker-Exterior Walkaround-2014 LA Auto Show
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We have thousands of High Definition videos of different types of vehicles, everything from new, concept cars, super cars, classic, vintage, old cars, hot rods, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, motor boats, sailing yachts, to airplanes, bicycles, and even tractors :-)
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3 Things that Help You Find a Solid Auto Mechanic

Tired of being fleeced?

Want to finally find a trusty auto mechanic in San Diego to take care of all your maintenance and car repair needs? Here are a few things to help you steer clear of dishonest repairmen and find the solid, reliable auto mechanic you’ve been looking for all this time.  In addition to these there are many sites like and the like that give you a good idea of the quality of a business for example you go to a page like City Search page for auto repair San Diego

1. History

If this isn’t the first time you find yourself dealing with this kind of car trouble, then look into your logs. Do you keep a maintenance log of all the repairs and service done on your car? If you don’t have one, start one already. It’ll help tell you which repair centers—and auto repair crew—worked for you and which ones didn’t. If the repair centers you like are all closed now, then it’s time to find new ones.

2. Ask around

If you haven’t dealt with this particular car problem before, it’s possible one of your friends have done so in the past. Ask them. Or ask around. Try to find out which service centers specialize in whatever car problem you have. Mix up your research by searching for the service shops online. If the service shop handles your car problems, chances are they have people on board with the right certification or qualifications to take care of these problems. Don’t forget to check these qualifications out. Fake certifications could mean you’re handing over your car—and on the road safety—to someone unreliable.  You can always look on the site to find a certified shop

3. Track record

Yes, track record is important. If the auto shop has been around for quite a long time, something to ten or twenty or even an impressive forty years, then that’s great. The longer they’ve been in the business, the more likely they are to hire trustworthy staff. After all, they wouldn’t want to foul up their reputation by hiring auto mechanics with a dab hand at cons. It’s their reputation at stake. A wrong hire could destroy a lot of what they worked for.

However, it might be possible for some service centers, those that aren’t a few years old yet, to have a team of solid, reliable people. You can’t discount these out so, again, do some research before you handily dismiss them. Ask around. Check their qualifications.  Or go to an industry specific site like Repairpal here is a Repairpal page for auto repair in san diego

If you catch anything suspicious or fishy in their documents, certifications and process, listen to your gut. You might just be on the brink of being taken in by fly-by-night operators. Don’t let that happen. Know enough about every repair center you pay a visit to—and by association, every auto mechanic you hire for the job—to make sure you’re on the right track.

Looking for more great car specifically for the San Diego area check out this FB page for Auto Repair San Deigo they constantly have great tips for keeping your car running at its best.

Galpin Auto Sports President Beau Boeckmann’s Collection – GQ’s Car Collectors – Los Angeles

Galpin Auto Sports President Beau Boeckmann’s Collection – GQ’s Car Collectors – Los Angeles
In this episode, Galpin Auto Sports President Beau Boeckmann takes Matt on a tour through some of his favorite most elaborate custom cars in his collection by Galpin Auto Sports

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Galpin Auto Sports President Beau Boeckmann’s Collection – GQ’s Car Collectors – Los Angeles

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